Huddah Monroe dishes secrets of attracting luxury

Huddah Monroe advised people to spend on themselves as looking/ smelling good attracts luxury

Huddah revealed secrets on how to attract luxury
Entrepreneur Hudaah Monroe Huddah revealed secrets on how to attract luxury
Image: Instagram

Our resident rich baby girl Huddah Monroe today has some wise words and pro tips for attracting luxury and living large.

Posting videos of herself in a fancy spa enjoying some time off the travel enthusiast decided to dish out her two cents to people who craved a life such as hers. 

“ You can't be stingy with yourself and want the good things in life,” started the beauty moguls' lessons class.

She then went on to add, “You can't want a generous man or friends if you can't be generous with yourself first! Take care of yourself first! And that's on PERIOD! “

She further went on to rant about how people don’t take care of their mindset or physical looks but want people with a higher frequency than them to locate them.

“ I’m giving you guys the key to happiness, to attracting good things in life it’s up to you.” The entrepreneur said.

Before adding, “ a lot of women are usually like, Huddah I love your lifestyle please link me up with a rich guy but you don’t take care of yourself!

 You can’t even spend 3k on yourself and you want to attract a rich man?”.

The popular socialite has denied romantic links with Juma Jux
Huddah Monroe. The popular socialite has denied romantic links with Juma Jux
Image: Instagram

Sheesh, the class was getting really hot, definitely turned into a lecture at this point.

And she was not yet done.

“ You don’t take care of yourself and you want to attract rich men. You don’t smell good and you want someone to sit next to you and have a conversation with you? How? As who? You only attract who you are mentally and how you look physically." Huddah said unapologetically. 

She finished off by highlighting that she was not asking people to break their banks to fit in but to merely put an effort not sitting waiting for someone to come do everything for them.

" You don’t even have to have fancy products, if you can’t afford those go to River Road and get what you can!” Huddah finished off her lecture.

And there you have people, secrets to Huddah's lifestyle if you may.

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