Huddah Monroe on why she doesn't partner with companies

Huddah Monroe said companies only rip people off for their benefits

on why she doesn't partner with companies
Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe on why she doesn't partner with companies
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Kenyan socialite, beauty mogul, and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe is known for being incredibly vocal about anything and everything.

She does this with very provocative and sensitive words as long as she feels the need. 

Well, this time round the 30-year-old took to her social media pages to share her views on why she no longer partner with other companies. 

"You know I've partnered with people in various businesses and normally why I partner it's because I have a following, I have a market and they have a product that nobody knows about.

 "So when I partner with them, start posting them and they start growing and I put in my money and these people start making profits then they get greedy and start acting funny, then run away," said the 30-year-old Beautypreneur.

The businesswoman went on to comment on Kanye West's public rant about Gap - an international company that not only rips from his ideas but holds meetings about him in his absence.

Such incidents, insisted Huddah, are the reason why she prefers to be alone.

" That is why I hate partnering. Let me do my thing, I partnered with people who messed me up and are still eating off my sweat and work, guys in my opinion never partner. It's better to do partner share, people are bad," ranted the entrepreneur. 

with her beautiful hairstyle
Huddah Monroe with her beautiful hairstyle
Image: courtesy

 Huddah has a thriving beauty company that deals with makeup, wellness, and skincare products. She also used to sell slimming tea back in the day.

The entrepreneur has on several occasions complained about the backwardness and how shallow-minded black people are.

Just a week ago she took to her Insta stories to give her two cents on why Africans don't grow.

 " Growing up in Africa is very limiting. Black people think so small and have a lack mentality." Huddah started her "speech." 

She went on to add, "That's why A company can't partner with a celeb to create a brand and make it big. Everyone thinks competition instead of how do we win together?".

The beauty mogul continued by adding the spirit of competition and greed for money is what kills the need to empower others and grow together. Adding that everyone is always looking out for themselves.

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