Huddah Monroe: A woman's sole purpose isn't to just give birth

Huddah said it was very limiting growing in Africa as black people think so small and have a 'lack' mentality

with her beautiful hairstyle
Huddah Monroe with her beautiful hairstyle
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Kenyan socialite/ beauty mogul Huddah Monroe is known for being incredibly vocal very provocative and sensitive words regardless of the topic. 

The 30-year-old has shared on different occasions why she feels, Kenya as a nation and Africa at large has a long way to evolving economically.

Well this time round, on her insta stories she got into why she feels black people, in general, think so small and don't grow.

" Growing up in Africa is very limiting. Black people think so small and have a lack mentality." Huddah started her "speech." 

She went on to add, "that's why A company can't partner with a celeb to create a brand and make it big. Everyone thinks competition instead of HOW DO WE WIN TOGETHER?."

I think she might have a point there because brands only partner for marketing purposes. Like a month or so then you are done. Or when the next product comes out or a new internet sensation, then they drop you and move to the hotcake. 

Backing up her claims Huddah added, "only Woolworths in Africa has done it with the likes of Bonang in South Africa and her champagne. A Kenyan company could never. RIP DiCK but his company HAGO INDUSTRIES could've endorsed the likes of MAMA KAYAI and made it even if it's a line of PEGS. But what do our people live for?"

The beauty mogul continued by adding the spirit of competition and greed for money is what kills the need to empower others and grow together. Adding that everyone is always looking out for themselves.

"They all die without empowering a single soul, they will never think EMPOWER. They think COMPETITION. How much can you accumulate? Money can't BUY LIFE And they all end up as A past tense. SAD." Huddah finished off her rant.

Interestingly she has a big brand of cosmetics, skin care and wellness and till now she has not partnered with anyone as far as we know.

Might this be one of those, 'the pot calling the kettle black?"

 She however did add she was still searching for her purpose in life. 

On her insta stories a curious netizen asked her if she feared getting to menopause without conceiving any children yet.

To which the socialite said, "I don't think the only purpose of a woman on earth is to give birth. So that doesn't bother never even thought of it.

There's too many homeless kids with no mothers or parents. So you could still mother them. Being a mother is nurture /bring up. You can nurture a plant Or a dog."

Do you agree with her sentiments?

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