Huddah attacks new mom Rihanna for having fun

Huddah Monroe was critical of Rihanna going out clubbing, while still nursing

Huddah Monroe
Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe
Image: Courtesy

Entrepreneur and socialite Huddah Monroe seems to have decided y’all will scream her name whether you like it or not.

The beauty mogul barely weeks after her fight with content creator Murugi Munyi decided to come for the newest mom in town, entrepreneur and former musician Rihanna Fenty.

I know, I know what you’re thinking, Huddah? Riri? How now? Like the two are worlds apart. Those were my thoughts as well when I came across this story.!


So Huddah decided she had a few words of advice for not only Riri but new moms out there at large.

She started by posting a meme that read, “Women be trynna mom shame like "While y'all be in the club I'm with my child every night" that sounds horrible girly! I'll take a shot for you.”

Accompanying the post with champagne emoji bottles. But if you thought that was it then you’re in for a beautiful shock.


The former reality show actress posted a trending video of Rihanna out in public in the club vibing to music on her Insta stories.

Then went on to caption it, “What is the pressure on women to be outside when nursing? Isn't the baby more important? Help me understand.”

Uhm excuse me? So ladies can multitask but only when breaking their backs? Having fun, and being someone outside the mom's life is where we draw the line?

And if that was not crazy enough, Huddah went on to add that she feels as if people have kids just so as to parade them on social media.

Insinuating that most people do not care about their kids that is why she feels people are quick to rush back to enjoyment after giving birth.

She wrote, “ Many have kids they don't want just to use later as social media accessories that's why many don't care about their little ones coz chille, the way people give birth and run to the club is shocking. Have kids when ready! They will need you! Unless you are a whore and that's your source of income understandable I think. “

Finishing her two cents of condescending uncalled for words of wisdom but feigning concern asking God to watch over the little kids all over the world.

Huddah put up a post saying, “May God protect all little children in the world and send an Angel to watch over them daily!”

What are your thoughts on all this? Do you find it off for a new mom to take some time off even while nursing?

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