with her beautiful hairstyle
Huddah Monroe with her beautiful hairstyle
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Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe came out guns blazing after content creator Murugi Munyi threw shade at her brand claiming that her beauty products were giving off red flags.

Huddah went on a rant on her Instagram stories to address the hate that Murugi had just poured on her products without even using them. 

"Huddah, Huddah every day on their pages and there's no help you're offering. From now I'll be hiring professionals, from professional agencies and paying Facebook ads because there is no help y'all offering," Huddah started her rant clearly very displeased.


" And with those few remarks, if you guys are the reason why we're eating then let us die hungry, we are ready! But you'll never see us borrowing, never. I've come such a long way and there's nobody's mouth that is going to bring me down,"  Huddah said adding that a whole lot of people had tried to bring her down but they were nowhere on the map now.

Before adding that she was set to expand her business to Kampala, Uganda and Juba, South Sudan. With the Kampala store launching on the 1st of July and the Juba one following shortly on the 9th of the same month. 

Huddah clearly still triggered and upset seized the moment when a fan replied to one of her Insta stories to throw some shots at Murugi Munyi. 


The fan wrote, " This is where I started feeling the hate.... ati packaging looking like a success card." 

To which the budding Huddah Beauty entrepreneur replied, " Hating is all she can afford. That is why the woman did lypo and still came out the same. Haters never prosper." 

Ouch! Huddah was really out for blood, I guess you can attack her all you want but her business is where she draws the line. 

And no, she did not just stop there. 

The 30-year-old still seething added, " Do you honestly see this packaging looking like a success card kama hiyo mafuta umejaza kwa hiyo akili yako (like the excess amount of fat you have stored in your head)? Go do your own branding then bash others sura kama ndovu ( your face looks like an elephant)." 

Huddah in a bid to banish Murugi Munyi's claims and paint her brand as impeccable as could be posted a photo of the back page of the products where Murugu had said they all have the same line and was giving major red flags.

She captioned the photo, " Read the second line on each, all of our products have ingredients on them. Shame of you Murugi Munyi. You're the most hateful person in Kenya. I don't even know how you make money being such a hater."

Before asking the mother of two to work on her mentality. Claiming that in 2022 women were still trying to put fellow women down. Highlighting the fact that it was wrong for Murugi to say that Huddah's products did not have ingredients when clearly it did.

Before finishing off by adding, " if you don't know how to read because your brain is filled with porridge and envy, you need to go get a life." 

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