Krg asks netizens to stop tagging him on Diamond's viral video

Krg and his wife had a dramatic online split, the two finalized their divorce last month

has asked people to keep off his family business
KRG the Don has asked people to keep off his family business
Image: Instagram

KRG the Don has had it with netizens trying to push him to make good with his ex-wife or speak on issues that led to their break.

The pressure started mounting when Tanzanian bongo star Diamond Platinumz and his ex-wife Ugandan socialite and entrepreneur Zari Hassan uploaded a video where their kids were asking them personal questions about their relationship.

In the said video the two were summoned by their kids Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan on why they broke up.

Diamond said Tiffah requested to have a candid talk with her parents, and luckily, his videographer caught it on camera.

"Imagine, these kids came to us serious last night and said they want to talk to us, and luckily I told my videographer to shoot, now watch what was the conversation 😅"

Well, it seems a few netizens thought dancehall artist Krg should take note of the video.

Following the probably numerous tags, the entrepreneur took to his Insta stories to put a stop to all that and ask people to keep off his family business.

"Wacheni kunitag kwa video za watu eti (stop tagging me on people's videos) 'kids asking who broke the family' as long as my boys are alright the rest is a none issue to me." Krg warned.

who has revealed how he makes his millions
KRG the Don who has revealed how he makes his millions
Image: Instagram

He went on to add, "I can never force anyone to stay where they feel they are not safe or supported!!! Alooh!"

Krg and his wife finalized their divorce last month with The Don getting custody of the kids. He said that he still did wish her well as she was the mother of his kids.

Back to Diamond and his little family drama, in the now viral video Tiffah started the conversation by saying that her mother had told her that her dad was the reason the family wasn't together

"Last night, mama said you broke up the father. She said you have another baby and another girl."

Zari explained, "I told you papa had another child that's why we don't live together."

Diamond was shocked to hear the news that his kids know he has other kids and has dated other people apart from their mother.

"Do you believe I have another girlfriend and other kids?" He said in disbelief.

Nillan supported his dad and said that his mother seemed to have been the one responsible for the split.

'Mama tee you broke up the family," said Nillan

Diamond responded, 'Now you know the truth."

However, Zari argued that was a plot twist as she didn't break up the family. Tiffah said it could be her mother as she's moved on with someone else.

"Why did you break up the family, you are spending time with him, you are not spending time with Papa. You always hang out together but never with Papa."

Diamond also found himself explaining why he is seen on TV with girls. The singer said it is a music video and that it involves acting.

"Our family is still together," said Diamond

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