panga tout
panga tout

A manhunt for a matatu driver wielding a panga at a private motorist has been launched.

The man according to a video shared online,  charges at a motorist in his vehicle while holding a machete and threatens him with dire consequences.

The incident started after the matatu had tried to illegally cut off the private motorist.


But the private motorist wouldn't allow him resulting in a confrontation between the two.

In the video, the tout/driver holds the panga with his right hand, while pointing his left finger as if to send a warning.

The visibly angry matatu driver hits the motorist's vehicle but gives up when he can't access the window to speak to the man recording the video.


NTSA has asked for any information regarding the tout/driver.

"@ntsa_kenyaΒ·Kindly DM the registration details of the matatu, we will investigate and take necessary action."

NTSA reacted again after screenshots of the matatu were shared showing the registration details.

"Thank you..we will take action and give you feedback."

Below are reactions from upset Kenyans

@dklastonΒ· Mimi ukigonga Gari yangu ndio utajua kwa nini Niko na comprehensive insurance. I swear I will run you over.

@IamDavidBetthuyu mkorino sijui mbona bado ako huku nje na sisi tusiowazimu... Only a madman can sneak out of a home with a machete. Huyu hafai kutangamana na sisi kabisaa!!

@HseTonny alot needs to be done to instill discipline in the Matatu industry @ntsa_kenya should give plack points depending on offense, getting jobs for undisciplined drivers should be made difficult, suspension of license or ban btn 6 months to 2 years

@Kevin_kevv1 Hapo unatoka na panga na msee anatoka na gun unashootiwa unatuacha

@kinyanjui008 Weee ile hasira iko Kenya hii mpaka mkorino anatafuta place ya ku-vent. Whatever the case, it is wrong to threaten other road users.

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