The nominated senator has celebrated the Mugiithi singer as a super dad
Karen Nyamu with Samidoh in the past. The nominated senator has celebrated the Mugiithi singer as a super dad
Image: Instagram

Karen Nyamu has shared a cute photo of her baby daddy Mugiithi singer Samidoh Muchoki with her three children referring to her as a 'super dad'.

The nominated senator has two children with the singer; a son and a daughter.

Recently, she has been posting pictures of Samidoh's kids spending quality time with him.


Karen Nyamu shared a photo of Samidoh with her three children, joking that he is a "super dad." 

"Poor babies will miss daddy the most. May you have a successful tour. Rathimwo(Be blessed) and have fun ithwe wa twana (father of my children)."

Karen Nyamu's post.
Image: Instagram

Samidoh said goodbye to his Kenyan fans last night and informed them that he would be gone for two months before returning.

The brilliant singer also mentioned that he would perform in the UK and Qatar before coming home.

On his social media sites, Samidoh wrote:

"My fans, my deepest gratitude to you All for making my music career wonderful & enjoyable this far. You have inspired me a great deal.

I am eternally grateful for the encouragement, support, motivation & positive vibes.

To my Kenyan fans, I will miss you a lot for the next two months I will be away. See you again during Christmas Festive Season. For USA-UK -Qatar Mugithi Tour, am on my way.

For Yesterday's event, special appreciation to you all who made it for making it a colourful event. Cheers."

Fans wished him well on his upcoming tour.

teacherwanjiku: Tumekungoja sasa.

danhinga: All the best Champ! I’m really happy for you! God has been great enjoy your tour!

mugambi9627: All the best true African son in USA-UK- Qatar mugithi tour.

valena_queen: Next year am coming with for one of your tours with my gal gikuyu roots are calling😃 the meantime ciao.