Tiktoker Aaliyah Khan denies beefing with Oga Obinna

Aaliyah maintained that the account taking shots at the radio presenter was a pseudo account

TikToker Aaliyah Khan denies beefing with Oga Obinna
Image: Instagram

Tiktok star Aaliyah Khan is vehemently denying trying to start a feud with Kiss FM morning breakfast show presenter Oga Obinna.

This all began when Obinna commented on a post on Instagram where a 24-year-old lady was suing Jimnah Mbaru seeking 4.4 million shillings yearly for child support.

The breakdown for monthly expenses read, 50 thousand for food, 50 thousand for medical, and 50 thousand for clothes. 100 thousand for shopping, 50 thousand for house help, and 20 thousand for miscellaneous expenses.

Obinna clearly making fun of the breakdown left a comment highlighting that he'd be willing to do house chores for that monthly payment.

"I want to be the house help," wrote Obinna accompanying his comment with laughing emojis.

Following the comment, a page linked to the digital content creator responded with a snaky comment.

"Hiyo umama Uko nayo (the way you act like a lady) you can easily qualify," the page linked to Aaliyah which boasts over 210 thousand followers on Instagram replied taking shots at Obinna.

However, now the college student is maintaining that even though the account has her photos and her name it is a pseudo account fetching for drama.

Aaliyah took to her purported official account which has 179 thousand followers (ironic that a fake account would have more numbers compared to the original one) to clear the air.

She posted a screenshot of a page reporting on the drama captioned, "Oga Obinna vs Aaliyah Khan" and then proceed to write, " guys I am not fighting or arguing with Oga Obinna, please. That is a fake account!!! Stop creating drama that is not there." 

She went on to add that she only has one account and people should stop getting mixed up.

"I have said I only have one account please," Aaliyah finished off.

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