TikTok dancer, Flirty Carlos

If do not judge a book by its cover was a person then it would most definitely be, 23-year-old Carlos Obura popularly known by his stage and social media handle name, Flirty Carlos.

The young man is a talented dancer with the nation having crowned him, "King of Slow-mo" for his prowess in mastering dancing in slow motion.

He is also as flirtatious as his nickname suggests but there is always more than what meets the eye.

In a recent interview with Mpasho, Carlos revealed that on top of being a content creator and dancer, he is also a motivational speaker.


Yep, you did indeed read that correctly.

The Carlos you see dancing with numerous girls like Aaliyah Khan, Christine Kendi, and Ajib Gathoni just to mention but a few, actually goes to high school to talk to and advise young girls.

He started by revealing how well he loves and takes care of his female friends.

He added that he usually sits with them and gives them tidbits of advice and sometimes even helps them before they choose a boyfriend.


"I want to show girls how to handle boys, I'm not like putting boys on the spot or anything but I just feel the need to help them make better decisions, and know how to handle themselves, and have a clear view of some of the tricks that boys pull," Carlos said.

Before adding, " I actually go to high schools, mostly for girls....and the principal is normally like we give advise to the girls.... before we dance. Plus you know you can not bring an elderly person to give them advice, they need someone they can relate with."

Carlos went on to speak about some of the topics he covers, "I give them advice on how a guy can take advantage of them, what guys do and how they want girls and you find them liking us. They don't like me because they're in love. They like me because I teach them something that not most guys do." 

He added that he also encourages boys not to do drugs and he actually gives them advantages and disadvantages of using a substance, as well as encouraging young people to abstain.

Though he revealed that people at first mostly take him as a joker and they think he's playing when he gives people advice. 

"I normally tell people, don't believe me just try and do what I say then you'll see the results,"  Flirty finished off. 

Watch the video below;


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