'Do away with mediocre artists,' Willy Paul advises

Pozze said that if we wanted to structure Kenya's music industry we must do away with mediocre artists and only support real talent

Willy Paul has advised Kenyans to ditch mediocre artists
Kenyan artist Willy Paul Willy Paul has advised Kenyans to ditch mediocre artists
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Willy Paul has joined the merry band of artists who are set on saving Kenya's music industry and finally wiping off the shame of Nigerians and South Africans trending in our country.

His strategy, however, is a little different and it is bound to get some people triggered and mad.

"Kenya is the only country where people with no talent get booked for big gigs," started the "Liar" hit maker.

Pozze triggered by something went on to add, "actually having no talent at all is a qualification in Kenya. Just what you need to succeed." 

At this point, I felt as if his jabs were directed at specific people but he was choosing not to name-call.

To some extent he was not lying though, there are some people we as a nation have wondered countless times why they're where they are or how they bagged a certain award.

"Cartels are all over... we got very talented individuals but they are not given the opportunity to show the world what they got!" Willy Paul continued his rant.

That got me thinking, remember when Tanasha Donna called out music awards claiming that people sometimes actually pay to get the award?

Willy Paul at Kiss FM Studios
Willy Paul at Kiss FM Studios

Tanasha revealed that most awards are politically inclined, highlighting that she was at one time advised to buy awards.

"Imagine I once thought of buying an award some years back ( I was advised to) then thought to myself how am I paying for a trophy as if this trophy is what determines my worth," Tanasha wrote.

"Thank God I changed my mind real quick," said the 28-year-old as she went ahead to advise artists not to fall into the pressure of trying to prove something to other people.

Maybe this is part of what Willy Paul's rant is all about.

The "Kamati ya Roho Chafu," hitmaker then went ahead to add that for Kenya's music industry to change we must filter out the wheat from the weeds, then focus solely on the wheat. 

"If we want to structure the industry we must do away with mediocre artists and support real talent!

We all know that our music industry needs fixing. Too much talk with no action... if all goes well then they will forever thank me." Finished Pozze as he hinted that he was working on a strategy to save the industry.

Something all our artists want to take credit for.

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