Risper Faith
Risper Faith

Businesswoman Risper Faith seems to be on a higher plane of spiritual understanding after she let Kenyans know the intention around her photoshop antics.

In an interview with content creator Mungai Eve, she claims that her photoshop antics are a form of manifestation and nothing more.

She believes that there is nothing wrong with photoshopping her photos, charging her behaviour to the demands of showbiz.

"Ni showbiz, what's wrong with me photoshopping my photo? It's my Instagram, I can do whatever I want," she said.

On claims that she was setting fake standards, she said,

"I am not fake; have you seen my house? Have you seen my lifestyle? I am not faking anything."

Risper noted that Instagram didn't have rules and that people should chill and stop casting stones.

"Does Instagram have a regulation that you are supposed to post your own content? Imeandikwa wapi?

We are just having fun, don't take things too seriously."

She also does not understand why people were coming for her when, according to the socialite, most people online are also faking things and only showing the better reels of their lives.

Over the last few days, the socialite has been on the receiving end of claims of leading fans on with a fake lifestyle.

The social media personality reportedly posted a photoshopped picture purporting to be her own, only for eagle-eyed followers to notice and call her out on it.

A close glance into the picture evidently shows that she photoshopped her face on somebody else’s body. The person in question happens to be a US model named Ms. Kristine.

Once this observation had been made, Risper was quick to switch off the comments on the given post.

She justified this move in the interview by saying that she does not have the time or patience to deal with people on the internet.

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