Lupita bashed over new ambassadorial role

Lupita Nyong'o has landed a brand ambassador role for Da Beer Diamond mining company

Lupita Nyong'o
Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong'o has been slammed online after partnering with a diamond company with deep roots in colonial extraction across Africa to "empower" African women.


Lupita a few days ago was named the brand ambassador for Da Beer company.

The Wakanda Forever star will be a part of the brand’s “Where It Begins” campaign, which highlights “the story of a De Beers diamond, from its discovery as a rough diamond at the source, through its transformation into beautifully crafted jewellery.”


“I’m honoured to be the first Global Ambassador for De Beers,” Nyong’o said in a statement.

“This campaign brings to life the transformative power that I feel when I wear De Beers’ diamond creations and the pride in knowing where they come from and the good they do.

Even more importantly, my partnership with De Beers allows me to extend my advocacy for women and girls around the world.”

“There is something profound about wearing an object that was formed literally millions of years ago in the earth’s mantle,” the actress said about how wearing diamonds makes her feel.


The Where It Begins campaign launches globally on Nov. 3, according to a press release by the brand.

But some online were critical about her standpoint especially in light of the prevailing rumour that she rejected a role on the 'Woman King' because of historicity issues with the movie.

Read some of the comments below;

@MariusKothor I've spent so much of my morning trying to understand this. Lupita is partnering with a diamond company with deep roots in colonial extraction across Africa to "empower" African women??

@DOmowale·Lupita didn't want a role in Woman King, but has no problem being an ambassador for De Beers. It just shows that a lot of outrage about the movie came from those who have no problem with colonialism.

@MariusKothor·We all live under capitalism which means we have to make some suspect decisions from time to time but I think celebrities in particular have a responsibility to not try to spin these decisions as goodwill missions. She could just say "yeah, I need this money"

@nfridatebidjr· find that ppl are so eager to tie themselves to anything that will be seen as empowerment that they don’t research the implications.

@NgoveniSbu·No she’s partnering with them to get money. It’s about money and nothing else.

@itumeleng23·The same Lupita Nyong'o, who wouldn't take a role in "The Woman King" due to the Agojie's links to slaves trade, is the same Lupita who is a De Beers ambassador. How much did The Woman King pay, compared to this De Beers gig

@FranciskaB·The way the World works: DeBeers buys Lupita to "blackwash" ( give a black face) to its mining activities and violent appropriation and mistreatments of South Africa Land and Black Population.

Beyonce herself has also been bashed for partnering with Tiffany and Co, another luxury diamond brand.

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