Vera Sidika reveals her nannies earn more than 50k monthly

Vera highlighted her nannies don't come cheap as they're well groomed, trained and fluent in English and other languages

Vera Sidika reveals jow much her nannies cost

Beautypreneur Vera Sidika had the internet in a frenzy once again after she hinted at how much she parts with just for her daughter's nanny services.

In a Q&A session, the mother of one who is known to be a big lover of the soft life did not hold back as she dished out small details of her life.

A curious netizen went ahead to ask the entrepreneur how she manages to take care of her baby with her long nail extensions.

"How do you manage long nails with a small baby? I would be scared in case I scratch her by mistake." Wrote the Instagram user.

Vera calmly responded by letting her know that she does not handle her baby all through as she has two round-the-clock nannies.

"It is easy because I am used to it, but then again Asia has 2 nannies round the clock. 

So even if I get to handle her, it won't be all through," explained Vera.

She went on to dissect the difference between nannies and house managers as it seemed some of her followers were confused about the two.

In simple terms, she made it clear that nannies took care of Asia while the house managers are in charge of the house from cleaning to shopping.

"The nannies specifically look after the baby 24/7 every move Asia makes right behind her. 

You know how kids get when they crawl, and randomly pick and eat things. I prefer having people on her 24/7 to watch her." Added the musician.

Asia Brown with her Parents Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo

But the most shocking revelation was the price she has to cough up for Asia's supervision.

She did not give an exact amount, but she highlighted she got her nannies from a professional nanny boutique (I didn't even know that existed) and due to their qualifications, they don't come cheap.

The nannies from that agency take home a minimum wage of 50 thousand shillings. 

Now let us imagine Vera pays just that 50 and she has two nannies that's 100 thousand per month... calculate yearly how much she parts with, and we haven't factored in the house managers. Wueh people have money out here.

Vera declined to give referrals for the owner of the nanny boutique highlighting that she hates her works being overly publicized. She stated that the woman loves having clients of a certain 'caliber' because she is quite expensive and not everybody can afford to pay her nannies.

"She likes very intimate referrals from her circle of friends because of the type of clientele she has and wants to maintain a certain caliber. 

Since her rates for nannies aren't cheap salaries range from a minimum of 50k going up." She explained.

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