'You only went to America because of Samidoh!' Karen Nyamu told

The mom of 3 has been in the USA on a study trip

Karen Nyamu with Samidoh in the past.
Image: Instagram

Karen Nyamu has had to fight with Kenyans online who have been peddling conspiracy theories about her recent trip to America.

The mom of 3 has had to call out some Kenyans who have theorized that she had gone to America this past weekend to meet her baby daddy Samidoh, who has been on a musical tour of the country.

This happened after she had posted an image of herself in the States on her trip to study ICT. 


Her caption read;  "Kanairo galdem wenu anawamisiii!Afrer days into my course on how ICT can strengthen devolution and deliver progress, finally it was weekend! Enjoy yours guys."

Karen Nyamu while on her study trip in the USA.
Image: Instagram

One Kenyan instantly stated that her reason for going to the country was because she was threatened by other women stealing the Mugiithi singer.

josewanjii  wrote; Now I can confirm even if not Bernice someone must have threatened Karen enough for her to take a flight to go defend her tuff.


Karen swiftly responded telling the lady;

karenzo.nyamu@josewanjii It takes months to plan a trip to the US my dear. Visa and all. you guys can't be so ignorant bana. I planned to be here for my course.

But Wanjii wasn't the only person to who the nominated senator responded, with another lady called Casty Beibs urging the mom of 3 to be brave and post her man for all of Kenya to see.

She wrote, "Acheni kutuuzia uoga kama mko na samidoh post tuone side chic no go zone."

And just like with Wanjii above, Karen took out her writer's pen and responded with tact and humour writing;

"Kwani amekua mwalimu wa ict😂😂 ulisoma caption ama ukiniona tu unaonanga samido."

Samidoh on the left and Karen Nyamu to the right.

But despite Karen's responses, that still didn't stop other Kenyans from speculating about why she had taken the trip to the USA, with her baby daddy coming up again.

Read some of those comments below;

afriqueadventures You made sure umeenda kuona baby daddy🙈 ghai we're sorry tumeshout salimia Sam mwenye ako na Doh. If you know you know🤓

hilda_kalya Yaani intimacy inapamdiwa ndege 🥴🥴.....aahhh seggss wewe nikikupata😂😂😂😂😂

corneliusmuli Acha kutuficha number plates..tunajua huko ni wapi.

The accusations from Kenyans come a week after Karen was involved in a tiff with Samidoh's American promoter called Bernice Saroni.

Some had a hypothesis that Samidoh might have a thing with the mom of 4 boys, something that is still unfounded as the two look like great work colleagues.

Either way, whatever Nyamu/Samidoh does will always elicit questions about the other from rubble-rousing Kenyans.