Vera Sidika caught begging for a free human hair wig

Vera had asked for a Sh 226,000 human hair wig for free, in exchange of free publicity while shooting the reality show "The Real Housewives of Nairobi"

The socialite has been exposed for demanding for a free human hair unit
Vera Sidika. The socialite has been exposed for demanding for a free human hair unit
Image: Instagram

A Nigerian luxury human hair brand has exposed socialite turned musician Vera Sidika for trying to take advantage of her business.

Sharing a screenshot of how their conversation went on their Instagram stories the page identified as Chieme Royals Luxury Wigs highlighted how Vera slid into the DM with an outrageous request.

 Vera started by asking the page if they're based in Nigeria before she proceeded to ask for a Sh 226,000 human hair wig for free, in exchange for free publicity while shooting the reality show "The Real Housewives of Nairobi."

Vera's part of the conversation reads, "Babe you need to send me units. 

I'm currently filming the real housewives of Nairobi. If I rock your hair and do marketing when the show goes viral you'll get a good market in Kenya," 

The business page however replied with the name and price of the wig instead of engaging Vera in her request.

"Cost 1849 dollars, name of the unit: Butterfly unit," the reply from Chieme Royals Luxury Wigs reads.

Vera replied by letting the hair entrepreneur know that they'd misunderstood her.

"you misunderstood my statement. but thanks for the reply"wrote the mother of one adding a laughing emoji.

The hair entrepreneur followed up by attacking influencers who feel entitled to free things as they also asked people to be wary of these "celebrities" as most of the lead fake lives online.

"So all my customers that spend on their hair are stupid?

Haaaa ohhhhh!!!I don't really get carried away but no of the followers you have as an influencer!!!!

I love me those with no followers!!!! These PEOPLE ARE SECRET BILLIONAIRES!!! No lies," part of the post read.

Before adding that influencers are used to taking advantage of brands all in the name of marketing/ exposure instead of offering actual support.

"Dey jump on you today, tomorrow next related brand!! This my business is a very small one, so we can't be sharing wigs now, Thank you!!


I mean they pay for it to support your brand!!! They will never want to take advantage of you no matter what!!! That's real integrity!" the final part of the post read.

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