Kanye West goes on air to defend Hitler and the Nazis

In his latest meltdown Ye claimed he saw good things in Hitler

Kanye West.
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Musical genius/ fashion mogul Kanye West seems to be completely going off the rails.

Having his divorce with reality TV star Kim Kardashian finalized must have really taken a toll on him.

Netizens are overly concerned after the "Fade" hit maker started praising Hitler and the Nazis live on-air with Alex Jones on the show Infowars.


The rapper attended the interview with his face fully covered by a mask (remember like the black one his ex wife wore to the Met Gala ) after a few minutes into the show Ye gets clearly erratic, at times nonsensical, and even hateful (to the Jews.)

During the majority of his ramblings, Kanye said, "I see good things about Hitler ... Every human being has something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler."

The father of four then went on to claim that Hitler invented highways and microphones.


At that point everyone could clearly tell he'd lost it.

Kanye West mental breakdown on air

Jones, the host of "Infowars" appeared to be completely lost and unable to control Kanye

At one point, Jones actually attempted to denounce Nazis, to which Kanye responded, "They did good things too, we are gonna stop dissing the Nazis."

Publicly known misogynistic, antisemitic, white nationalist, Christian fascist incel Nick Fuentes who has been spotted hanging out with Ye severally was also sitting at the "Infowars" table with a grin on his face as he seemingly egged Ye on.

During another moment just before a commercial break, Kanye squarely says, "I like Hitler."

Of course, Kanye's been sharing his antisemitic beliefs for more than a month now, but this time he's noticeably in the middle of a major mental episode at times barely even able to catch his breath as he unleashes hate.

Kanye's been on an antisemitic rant for a month now, continously blaming Jewish business and media leaders for his latest demise and wronging him in the past.

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