Sam West awarded for mentoring 600 schools in 2022.
Sam West awarded for mentoring 600 schools in 2022.
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Stand up comedian comedian and motivational speaker Sam West is a happy man.

This was after he received an honorary award for the change he is making through his mentorship program.

Sam received the award courtesy of the Great Rift Gospel Awards.

The event was held at Lohana Hall.

The artist received the award from the awards CEO Eddah Nkoyo.

Sam West and his team visited 600 schools this year and reached 850,000 plus young people in high schools and universities.

Just recently Sam had been contracted by the Rwandan government to educate it's youth on how to deal with life and how to run successful business.

Speaking exclusively to Kiss 100 Sam says he is glad people have noticed what he does.

"I am passionate about motivational speaking because I love seeing people change.

I love seeing people who are about to give up get back to their feet. I love giving people hope.

Seeing the impact words have on people gives me the motivation to go on. Humanity is not all about money.

It is also my calling and I get fulfillment doing this."

When did he start?

"I used to do this at a young age but by then I was not serious.

I became serious about motivational speaking four five years ago." Sam added.

Other notable motivational speakers in Kenya include Pastor Robert Burale, Kush Tracey among others.