She was almost thrown off 5th floor by an ex-boyfriend.
Former Tahidi High actress Lydia Gitachu. She was almost thrown off 5th floor by an ex-boyfriend.

Tahidi High actress Lydia Gitachu has shared her experience in an abusive relationship.

These relationships were with two white men she was dating. The worst experience was with her last boyfriend.

The actress said she persevered through the abuse until her now ex-boyfriend tried throwing her off the 5th floor of a building.

Sharing her experience during an interview with Metha Ya Kagoni, she narrated

"I never thought I would get married to a white guy. But so far I have dated 3 white men.

I met my second white boyfriend during an event.

He had come to the event with my friends.

He was a recovering alcoholic but I did not know it at the time."

What did he do for work?

"He was in the construction industry and would build for Missionaries.

At the time I had a car, I remember there is a day he drove so badly I thought we would end up involved in an accident.

Before this, we had attended a friend's wedding and he wasn't so happy about it."

Lydia says the anger she saw from her second boyfriend made her live him

"We live in South C at the time.

As we were nearing Muthaiga Police Station I asked him to drop me there so that I would take a taxi.

He thought I wanted to get him arrested so he sped off.

I nearly fell off the car, it's only that I had held the door strongly.

After that I decided to leave him, I did not want to die."

Lydia says she dated her 3rd white boyfriend for five years.

At some, she even doubted if she was the problem.

"After partying from my previous relationship, my girlfriend and I moved in together.

One day a friend of hers called saying he wanted to take her out. That is how I met my 3rd boyfriend.

He was beautiful, he looked like Brad Pit. '



"We dated for five years on and off.

That was the beginning of the disaster. He was very violent.

He was very insecure. It started with him hitting the doors and the walls.

One day he told me he would throw me off the 5th floor and fly back to his country.

Sometimes he would pull off my braids."

Lydia did not want her friends to know she was being abused

I did not want people to see me, he would never hurt my face so that people wouldn't see.

I remembered him telling me about how his dad would beat the mum and knew there was trouble.

He would cook me dinner, and buy me flowers and chocolates.

After two or three weeks he would be worse."

Lydia says once her friends noticed she was in an abusive union they gave her an ultimatum to leave but she didn't until he threatened to kill her.

"One day he cooked dinner and asked me to invite my friends over.

A friend asked if my guy beats me, and they told me to never call them because I am being beaten.

He used to say my brothers are pets."

The final straw?

"One day we were in a club when he started flirting with another woman,

After confronting him he became very angry. I went home and locked the doors but he came back very angrily.

When I finally opened the door, he beat me up and tried throwing me off the 5th floor.

I told him once he killed me, he should go and tell my grandmother what I had done.

That is when he snapped.

I told him I would report him and after that, I never saw him again."