He is to be paid 630k by State house for unfair firing.
Dennis Itumbi. He is to be paid 630k by State house for unfair firing.

Former State House Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi has been handed a reprieve after a court awarded him Sh630,000 for unjust firing by the State House. 

While delivering his judgement, the Standard reports, Labour Court judge Jacob Gakeri said that the government did not comply with the employment law.

Itumbi was fired on account of abolition of office, after working for the state for five years and eight months.

Itumbi, who was among five government employees fired in March 2020 by President Uhuru Kenyatta, however wished to work until October 2022.

He then moved to the court arguing that his job termination was illegally done by an unauthorised officer. 

Judge Gakeri said the media personality played no part in his dismissal and had not been issued with a warning or disciplinary letter. 

"The respondents may have had a valid and fair reason to terminate the petitioner’s employment but did not comply with the requirements of the provisions of the Employment Act, 2007, to guarantee procedural fairness in the process," Gakeri said.

Itumbi was employed on July 9, 2014.