American rapper Lil pump spends Sh3.2 million on new teeth

The rapper has also ordered customized grills, price currently unknown, to go with his new teeth

Lil Pump gets his teeth fixed
Image: Courtesy: TMZ

American rapper, Lil pump spends Sh3.2 million on new teeth

New Year, New smile for American rapper Gazzy Garcia popularly known as Lil pump. The only thing is his comes at sh.3.2 million!

 The rapper just got a new set of porcelain veneers and he is going to be showing off for a really really long time.

According to the CEO of the dental powerhouse, 5 Star Smiles, where Lip Pump got his teeth fixed at the dental procedure will last for up to 30 years! No more stained yellow teeth for the 22-year-old.

Okay, you may be wondering what are porcelain veneers and why in the world's name are they so expensive. 

First off there are different types of veneers but porcelain is the most common material used

Porcelain veneers are custom-made, thin shells that enhance your smile by changing the shape, colour, and overall look of your teeth. They are strong and long-lasting, stain resistant, and look natural. 

Most people who have the money opt for this procedure as opposed to teeth whitening, or dental bonding.

The news of him finally fixing his teeth comes as a surprise as over the years dentists had been reaching out to Lil Pump for years offering to do his teeth, but he continuously turned them down up until this year when he opted for Miami's 5 Star Smiles.

Speaking about his new teeth the rapper posted a video on Instagram where he emphasized on the importance of investing in oneself.

"Invest in yourself guys! What's up guys just got my teeth done...." Lil Pump captioned the video.

And as expected the "Gucci Gang" rapper isn't done with his dental journey! According to the dental company's CEO Danielle Noguera, he’s upping his game even more and placed an order for a pair of custom grills that are currently in production.

I can only imagine how much he has spilled on those! Also, it's interesting that it has taken the famed SoundCloud rapper this long to get a set of grills.

His fans are excited and chatter is going on that these changes might see him come out of the recent slump in music that he'd been at.

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