Thee Pluto takes legal action against local TV channel

Pluto accused the TV of playing his content on their airwaves without his consent or compensating him

Thee Pluto.
Image: Instagram

Kenyan digital content creator Thee Pluto is a disgruntled man and he is finally taking legal action to help ease his annoyance with a local TV station identified as Tandao TV.

Taking to his Instagram, the father of two revealed how the said media house had over time been airing his YouTube content on their screens without his permission and hadn't even paid him a cent for the content.

Pluto lamented over how he'd tried being lenient with them and asked them to either pay up or stop using his content to gain viewers but to no avail.

Due to this, he was finally taking legal action against the station as they'd refused to heed his warnings or work on an amicable way of compensating him for using his content.

"I am now taking legal action!!! This is Tandao TV and they have been airing my content for months despite warning them severally to cease!

They do not pay me a penny plus they got no permission from me to air it." Pluto angrily wrote on his page.

He shared evidence of one of his "Loyalty Tests" YouTube episodes playing live on the station as he expressed his disappointment in the TV trying to profit off his hard work.

In another excerpt, his face could clearly be seen on the screen as a presenter affiliated with the TV talking.

Thee Pluto sues a local media house
Image: Instagram

Pluto went on to add that he was extremely disappointed as his acquiring content isn't as easy as people assume and to see it being passed around by a media house without at the very least consulting him was insulting.

"Hawa wanaelewa struggle msee hupitia kwa streets tukitafuta content kweli? Kazi yao ni ku download alafu wanakuja kuair the content on their TV as their own content! 

( Do these people understand the struggles and hardships we as content creators go through in this streets as we hustle to gather and create content? Their work is to just pirate the content then pass it as their own)

Let them face the law now!!!" Pluto angrily finished off the rant.

Tandao is a local TV station located in Bungoma, (according to their online information) here in Kenya that airs on several set-top boxes such as GoTv and Star Times.

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