Sammy Boy trolls haters after his new song back on YouTube

The song had been pulled down due to copyright claims

Sammy boy laughs at haters after his song got put back on youtube
Image: Instagram

Sammy Boy has a few words for people who were rejoicing soon after his new music got pulled down from YouTube.

He says he is on top of the game and people should come for classes.

Taking to his Instagram page, he went on a rant mocking his alleged haters.

"You should see how happy the haters were to see my video thrown out talking about ati oohh ni copyrighted...." The first of his posts read.

The upcoming musician went on to add:

"The artwork of Muzo Beats and Teddy B was well crafted to be a banger and it is straight back into your ears! You all should keep streaming my music to the moon!"

Feeling as if the jabs were not enough and to prove that he really was having the last laugh, he went to YouTube and took a screenshot of his song then posted it on his Instagram stories.

He went ahead to caption the post, "Haters walikuwa wamebambika ati mnasema what? Nitawafunza hii game when? (My haters were overjoyed... now what can you guys say? For how long do you guys want me to teach you this game?)" 

Following it up with several laughing emojis clearly taunting his so-called haters.

The producer, Muzo Beats had earlier said that Sammy had copy pasted his beats without permission which he found disrespectful.

"He and the producer copy-pasted my beat ideas without permission. We put a lot of energy and time into creating these beats so it isn't cool when you just go copy-pasting someone's work.

It is even worse when I put my details there and you can't even reach out to me. Tukitoa wasanii wanalia... but, huwezi lipa director and producer but the ushindwe kulipia beat. Hiyo ni madharau... He even copied the name of the beat," Muzo ranted.

But it now seems they've made good and sorted out the issue as Sammy's song has been put back on the video-sharing app.

The song currently has around 36k views and around 1k likes.

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