Kwambox's historic first words before she hosted her 1st Kiss FM show with Obinna

The chocolate-skinned host has taken over from Kamene Goro

Image: Instagram

Sheila Kwambox is currently hosting her first show with comedian Obinna on Kiss FM at the moment.

Ahead of her show, Kwambox said she is an ever-evolving being. She said she would be bringing new energy to the show as she is 'new'.

"I am an ever-evolving being. The memories you have of me are just but a moment in time. Today I am new. So whoever you are holding onto darling I am not her. Today I am new."


Speaking to Kalondu Musyimi last week, Kwambox said she will bring her all to the station.  She also spoke about how excited she was when she learnt that she would be joining Kiss FM.

"I am excited since I grew up watching this brand and the fact that I am here, I am super excited. I have seen so many brands grow on Kiss while growing up and that is big," she said adding that before the news went out, she had already signed the contract.

The Radio queen will be taking over from Kamene Goro who left the show a week ago. Asked if she is a morning person, Kwambox said she functions very well in the early morning.


"I am very active and I function well in the morning. There are people who function well in the morning."

Kwambox said it was time for change and she was honoured to host the Kiss FM show.

"My season for whatever I was doing previously had come to an end, and I was preparing for the next season," she said.

"And I had taken a lot of reflection and introspection to stay calm for the next thing. And when this opportunity came, I knew it was the [next phase] because I was calm. Plus I wanted to be able to speak to a bigger audience."

Her love for Radio has seen her work previously at Homeboyz Radio, and Vybez radio.