Blac Chyna's mom roasts her black feather Grammy outfit

Tokyo said her daughter looked horrendous and out of place

Blac Chyna's mom shreds her Grammy outfit choice
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Well if you though Blac Chyna's Grammy look was terrible and made you want to gouge your eyes out, you have her mothers seconding!

The artists mom had an interview where she revealed she had first hand embarrassment following what her celebrity daughter decided to pull up to the red carpet with.

Wueh! Honestly speaking, the just concluded Grammy Awards ceremony have been action packed with joy, drama, bitterness and so much it'll probably take us like a month to exhaust everything that transpired.


People really brought their claws out to play this year.

Speaking in an interview with TMZ Tokyo Toni shredded her daughter's fashion choice as she termed the outfit horrendous.

For Tokyo, the Grammy's are all about looking elegant and chic (both which she feels her daughter missed) and she would have rather seen Blac Chyna done a blonde wig and a golden dress and call it a day.

"It was terrible! And I just wish that whole day could just rewind and bring her back and put a nice gold dress on her with some blonde hair. We'd been happening but that was horrible." Started off Toni.

Without a care for her daughter's feelings she went on to add, "I think that outfit was...horrendous.

Like it was sickening. It looked like a, uh...a worship ceremony. She looked like Black Adam's wife if she fell out of the sky. Like a fallen angel. It was disgusting."

It really seems the all black one-piece body suit decked out in rhinestones and feathers pissed Tokyo off.

The 34-year-old model-socialite showed up to the Grammy's in a grand concoction of jet-black feathers that featured raven skull pendents around the thighs of her bodysuit.

Enshrined from behind by a voluminous turkey's fan, China appeared to be lost in her avant-garde plumage, leading Tokyo Toni to read her the riot act

Of course, Blac Chyna's dress is getting tons of attention ... but her mom thinks it's for all the wrong reasons

And she didn't stop there.

Tokyo went on to attack the reality star's makeup choice as well.

"The eye make up was inky makeup. Like her don't look like Blac Chyna.

It just don't look like her at all, and that dress...I could have came and took it off her myself." Finished off Tokyo.

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