Ati German sausages! Eric Omondi's 4 crazy demands ahead of Kiss interview

The 'president of African comedy' even demanded mineral water for his dogs

Eric Omondi.
Image: Instagram

Entertainer Eric Omondi has replied to Oga Obinna and Kwambox's disagreement on whether to host him on their show on Kiss FM or not.

On the Breakfast Show, Kwambox revealed he had invited Omondi to the show for an interview this coming Friday but Obinna was not for the idea.

The comedian has now listed four demands that must be met before and during his interview. 


Dear @kiss100kenya as earlier discussed and agreed I'll only come for the Interview tomorrow if the following are met.

1. I don't go anywhere without my Dogs and Security detail(No President does). So I'll be accompanied into the Studio by all of them.

2. I will only be Interviewed and addressed by @kwambox that other guy should not be in the Studio. He can be feeding my dogs sausages huko nje as we do the Interview.


3. Please reserve one Lift and One Toilet between 8 am to 10 am tomorrow and please have them marked "For Presidential use Only" with my name on them.

4. Please provide Mineral water and German Sausages for my Dogs.

Thank You. Signed President Of Comedy Africa P.O.C.A

Kwambox and Obinna

Obinna said he did not like Omondi as he is a bully and has childish behaviour.

"He is a bully, childish and misinformed. He is not empathetic. When he came through and started saying the gospel artistes are seeing people in umoja, he didn't have any evidence. People are going through many things, economical hardships and he just comes and says 'wake up' and his 75% drama he's not doing anything about that."

He added "Eric does not have a plan, he wakes up and starts to decide whom he will verbally abuse. Eric is not doing an interview here as long as I live. And if he happens to come, I will leave. Tell Eric if he's coming here, that nonsense he's doing outside threatening people with old dogs asijaribu kuleta hapa, hizo mbwa hazikuji hapa, hao mabouncer hawakuji hapa, akuje tukutane man to man, face to face."