Obinna issues dire warning to Kwambox after Eric Omondi invite

The presenter is unhappy with his co-host after her invitation

Obinna with Kwambox.
Image: Instagram

Kiss FM's breakfast presenter Kwambox and Obinna had a major disagreement after Kwambox booked an interview with comedian Eric Omondi.

According to Kwambox, she decided to bring Eric to the show to speak about his recent outburst about the gospel industry.

This is after his previous attacks on the secular music industry.


Kwambox told Obinna;

"I am excited because this Friday believe it or not, I have invited Eric Omondi.

"He will be here in the studio, he had a lot of things to say last weekend. He hit the gospel industry with some strange things he had to say. We decided to bring him, who do you think he's gonna target next?" Kwambox asked.


On noticing Obinna's mood had changed immediately, she asked him why he was silent.

Obinna disagreed with Kwambox asking her why he was not included in the discussion.

He went on to state that he would storm out of the studio if Eric comes for the show.

According to Obinna, Eric has been fighting everyone in the industry then he shows up with his bouncers and security dogs. 

"You are saying we, who is we? You invited the guy, I don't like Eric Omondi, he is a bully,

Eric should not even step foot inside this building. I told the security guys. He is a bully, childish and misinformed.

"He is not empathetic. When he came through and started saying the gospel artistes are seeing people in Umoja, he didn't have any evidence.

"People are going through many things, economical hardships and he just comes and says 'wake up' and his 75% drama he's not doing anything about that. Eric does not have a plan, he wakes up and starts to decide whom he will verbally abuse."

Obinna said if Eric should attend the show, he should come without any security so they can face each other.

"Eric is not doing an interview here as long as I live. And if he happens to come, I will leave. Tell Eric if he's coming here, that nonsense he's doing outside threatening people with old dogs asijaribu kuleta hapa, hizo mbwa hazikuji hapa, hao mabouncer hawakuji hapa, akuje tukutane man to man, face to face."