Justin Bieber and Kodak Black sued over last year's shooting

The two were sued over a shooting that occurred at Justin's after party concert last year

Justin Bieber and Kodak Black sued
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American award-winning artists Justin Bieber and Kodak Black are facing a series of charges after being sued by two partygoers.

A little bit like what Travis was going through with the Astro World fiasco, don't really know what happened to that case.

Justin and Kodak are being dragged to court following a shooting that took place shortly after Justin's concert after-party during last year's Super Bowl weekend.


According to official reports, two men who claim they were struck by bullets during the unfortunate event are now suing the artists as well as the venue.

The two; Mark Schaefer and Adam Rahman according to the lawsuit documents filed claim they were shot and severely injured in February 2022 shooting outside The Nice Guy in L. A and they're blaming the three listed above for their unfortunate event.

Last year, three people, including Kodak himself, were shot outside the party after things got insanely rowdy.

In a statement following the shooting, Kodak's camp said when the "Super Gremlin" hitmaker was leaving the venue someone in his squad got jumped by an unidentified assailant.

Following this, the rapper threw himself into the mix to help his friend out shortly afterward shots rang out as people scampered to safety.

However, in the legal documents, the alleged victims highlight that Kodak was a major catalyst in the shooting insisting that the celebrity rapper was trying to cause harm and made the situation escalate more than it needed to.

Following this, they're laying the blame for the shooting squarely on his shoulders.

To top it off the two alleged victims claim security at the venue was super laid back and security guards hired couldn't handle the job. Following that line of thought the venue, promoters, and performers, therefore, bear some responsibility, too. 

However, Kodaks's attorney doesn't seem to be at the very least bothered by the lawsuit.

"I have seen a lot of bad complaints in my day. This is the most poorly drafted complaint I have seen in 26 years. I expect Kodak to be dismissed from this suit fairly quickly." Kodak's attorney Bradford Cohen said.

He went on to argue, "there is zero specificity in the complaint and Ms. Allred (the victim's attorney) groups the defendants all together instead of making specific allegations against each. 

It's law school 101. I am embarrassed for Ms. Allred that she actually signed her name to that complaint."

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