Drake won't have to take deposition over xxxtentacion's murder
Image: bbc

Canadian rapper and singer, songwriter, and actor Drake Aubrey Graham's wish to not have to testify in the late XXXTENTACION's ongoing murder case has been granted.

The 36-year-old "God's Plan" hitmaker will not have to sit for a deposition and be grilled by the defence attorneys in the case.

This is after the judge preceding the case, Judge Michael A Usan signed off on Drake's motion to avoid the deposition and in doing so tossed out the court's previous order calling for him to sit down later this month and answer questions the defence lawyers might have.

Why? You ask.

Well, beloved and unproblematic Drake had been named as a witness in the murder case alongside 6ix9ine, Joe Budden, the Migos, and a couple of other rappers.

A defence attorney for one of the four men charged with the 2018 murder of the 20-year-old fast-rising rapper had previously argued Drake needed to be present for questioning due to an old beef between XXX and him.

The late XXXTentacion who was murdered in 2018
Image: Courtesy

 The attorney identified as Mauricio Padilla who represents Dedrick Williams argued that Drake needed to be grilled due to his 2017 online feud with the deceased. 

In 2017, X had beef with Drake over what he believed was the Canadian rapper biting his flow from his breakout track "Look at Me!" on his song"KMT."

Arguing Drake's case though, his attorney Bradford Cohen told the court the artist has no relevant information to add to the case and the judge seemed to agree.

So for now, Champagne Papi won't be involved.

X was shot several times back in 2018 and the attackers also stole his Louis Vuitton bag which contained 50,000$ in cash (roughly Ksh. 6.2 million) before making a quick getaway in an SUV.

The motive behind the murder is still under investigation.

Four suspects were arrested and charged with first-degree murder among other charges. In August last year, one of the suspects pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in exchange for testimonies against the other 3 in their trial.

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