Diamond pours his heart to Zuchu post Valentine's

The singer explained why he didn't send Zuchu flowers or any gifts on Valentine's day

Diamond and Zuchu

Tanzania's bongo artist Diamond PLatinumz in a well crafted and heartwarming letter has explained to his lover Zuchu why he didn't shower her with gifts and flowers on Valentine's day.

No he wasn't busy and neither did he forget, turns out Diamond is in the "every day is valentine's day for us," committee. In fact he is the chairman.

However, his babe doesn't seem to mind and finds his explanation super adorable.

Zuchu took to her Snapchat to share a letter that she had received from her boss and lover, Diamond explaining why he had not celebrated the "Sukari" hitmaker with a post on his socials or at the very least send her gifts on Valentine's Day like many other men around the world did for their lovers.

"Happy Valentine's Day dear. Yes, I know you think I'm late, I'm not late because for us every day is Valentine's Day.

That's why I didn't want to bring you anything yesterday (February 14) so ​​that you know that yesterday is not just a day, but for us every day is an important day," Part of Diamond's message read.

This reasoning doesn't sit with me because if so then don't celebrate birthday's. I mean everyday is a lucky day since you wake up alive and well. Or anniversaries, I mean you are still husband and wife everyday....

Chibudi didn't stop there. He went on to pour his heart as he explained to Zuchu how the day had never had significant meaning to him even with his past lovers.

He finished off by reminding her how deeply he loves her as he prayed for her happiness.

"Valentine's Day meant nothing to me before. I want you to know that I love you yesterday, today, tomorrow, every minute and every second of our lives.

May God fill your heart with happiness and your wallet with money so that you can buy more land and houses in Zanzibar," he wrote.

Zuchu was over the moon after the message and revealed how she was overcome with emotion and burst into tears of joy after receiving Simba's beautiful message.

"I'm crying like a baby. He's going to kill me," gushed the songstress alongside a photo of Diamond's letter that she showed off.

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