Mulamwah denies dating Ruth K after steamy Valentine's video

The comedian revealed Ruth has a boyfriend and he's okay with their gimmicks

Mulamwah denies dating Ruth K
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Mulamwah is going back on all the love and PDA him and singer Ruth displayed yesterday during Valentines and still maintaining that the two are just friends.

Wonders shall truly never sieze.... ama ilikuwa tu pressure to trend during Valentines?

For now we can just speculate.

A day after the father of one shared a series of steamy boo'd up videos of him and his supposed best friend looking very so much in love in twinning all black outfits, and him caressing her behind ferociously, he is now claiming that Ruth actually has a man and Mulamwah respects their relationship.

Are we really never going to get that wueh emoji? I could really use it right now.

In an interview with YouTubers, Mulamwah insisted that nothing romantic was going on between him and Ruth K.

Someone cue that sound for, "watu si wajinga bana..."

"Mimi niko single sana... and as for Ruth we are just really close, " Mulamwah disclosed.

On why they are not a couple yet they exhibit such strong chemistry and are always teasing their relationship online, the father of one insisted that he was still working on himself as he wanted to walk into his next relationship baggage free.

"Tunajipatia time... si ukitoka kwa hii relationship unakimbia unaenda next na hizo errors." Started Mulamwah seemingly taking a jab at his ex-girlfriend Sonnie who is currently dating.

He went on to add, "I'm taking time to right my wrongs .... sahii ni time fiti ya kujitafuta, soul searching hapa kule, therapy kidogo, ka gym hapa. Alafu with time inakuwa vile inafaa kuwa."

Now here is the shocker! The comedian revealed that Ruth was in a serious relationship and her boyfriend and Mulamwah were actually friends.

I feel like these people are playing us the way Flaqo Razz and Keranta did. Because wueh... I'm trying to imagine a guy so chilled he'd let you exchange tongue with his girl for clout and I can't seem to fathom.

"I respect her boyfriend so much... you know she has a boyfriend and we usually meet. Him and I, we are friends. Anaelewa it is all just business." Mulamwah revealed.

During Valentine's day Ruth shared a photo of the two on Instagram gushing over the memories they have made and promising to always choose him above everyone else.

"Every time spent together is always treasured, the laughter, good memories, and tears shed together in those dark days.

Watching you win big in life is always my answered prayer. To the strongest and loving person I know happy valentines I will always choose you if asked to. Besties forever @mulamwah."

Rumours about the two dating started spreading after the comedian broke up with his baby mama, Carrol Sonie in late 2021.

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