He has shared how he almost died in a road accident.
Kidum. He has shared how he almost died in a road accident.

Kenyan artist Kidum has shared how a road accident almost left him dead.

Sharing his story during a Round Table segment alongside King Kaka, the duo narrated how lucky they are to have a second shot at life.

The two artistes have collaborated on a song dubbed 'Asante' on King Kaka's latest album 2nd life. The Kaka Empire CEO told Kidum that a health scare in 2022, almost took his life.

To mark his recovery, Kaka unveiled an album giving thanks for good health. Kidum too opened up about almost dying, following a tragic road accident.

The Afro Zouk musician told King Kaka that in 2006 he thought he was barely conscious when he was rescued from the scene of the accident. He woke up in a medical facility.

"I felt cold, I was somewhere so cold, I woke up and asked for my t-shirt. Good health is something to celebrate," Kidum recounted.

According to Kidum, he was involved in a road accident with friends that almost left him dead.

"When one approaches their last hour is when they realize they were given airtime and they never used it."  

He blamed it on reckless driving and throwing caution to the wind.

"Then I woke up in a very cold place of course my people didn't want to tell me the truth that I had died and had come back to life."

He insisted "when I woke up I asked for my t-shirt and wore it".

Was that at the accident scene? "No, it was in the hospital" Kidum clarified "The car rolled and when they pulled me out I was unconscious it was later when I woke up that found myself in a room that was so cold I do not want to mention, but I know where I was."

He was unconscious, and the horror of the experience has never left his mind.

"I don't want to talk some more, some things already happened I know I was in the hospital, it was in East Burundi, bordering Tanzania. The car rolled over as I was driving I was with other artistes, and I realized and I even told people to stop speeding while driving. I had a habit of doing so from here to their 80kph, a very short distance."

His experience has changed his attitude toward driving.

"On every corner, I was doing 100kph for no reason until one day I met my fate. When it happened I came to realize the car I was using was a rental. This was someone else's property that I had destroyed. It was a must-pay for damages. So since the accident to today I view speeding as signing an official death certificate, even if its a fast car."

Kidum is grateful for a second chance at life after the accident. "This life we continue to struggle but second chance being able to wake in the morning recognizing you are in good health, you have strength."