Harmonize claims he's never earned a coin from his music

The bongo star claims for 7 years someone has been reaping off his sweat and hard work


New day, new drama from Tanzania';s bongo star Harmonize.

The "Amelowa" hit-maker is now claiming that for over 7 years he has never received a single cent in relation to each and every song that he has ever dropped.

Crazy right? 7 years! Months would be understandable but years! And given the fact that he drops a new song like every 2 months it just seem improbable.

Konde Boy launched the claims on his Instagram page where he went on a rant talking about someone reaping off his hard work. In the post he highlighted he had had enough and was now going after his money.

"I know you can’t believe this but I have never collected 1.USD from publishing all the music that I’ve been dropping over 7 years 🤔 Over 💯 HIT SONGS remember I own the Master but I don’t know who is collecting 💰 💰🤷‍♂️" started off the musician.

He went on to add, "Lol I need them Back Remember I have one 👧 I’m here for her Future I need Good Life 2 worked so hard to be here.

Masemango Manyanyaso Matusi Kudhalilishwa then Some One chopping my money like that @mziiki you are responsible to show me a way to get all this is.

If you don’t know then I’m leaving in the MORNING I will thank You For Having me 🙏"

Singer Harmonize
Image: Instagram

But honestly how has it taken him 7 years to investigate where the money has been disappearing off to?

In other post Harmonize went on to subliminally take shots at his former boss Diamond Platinumz by highlighting that he has never received money from their collabo hit song "Kwangwaru."

"Even Kwangwaru 🤷‍♂️ over 100.m some one chopping that money so comfortable kama Katanga yeye usikute ndio maana walikuwa wanapambana sanaa nipotee walijua nikifika hii level ya Sasa wata tapika !!!!

Usumbufu Utajitokeza it’s time baby boys this nigger need his 💰💰💰I don’t like fighting but I have to." The post reads.

Kwangaru is still on top of the charts with 100 million + views on you tube

Honestly speaking, am I the only one who feels like he has been going through a whirlwind ever since he ended things with his ex-fiancee Frida Kajala?

No, but he seems to have more problems and a insatiable hunger to remain on people's lips. But that is just me.

The artist has a bunch of internationally celebrated hit songs and has worked with a multitude of artists.

Some of his big songs include; Kainama featuring Burna Boy & Diamond Platinumz, Oyoyo featuring Skales, Show me, Uno and Amelowa among many others.

What do you make of all this?

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