Kenyans destroy Ghana in online feud
Image: Courtesy: Reuters

If you are an active TikTok user or just live in the online space then I bet you have already come across the trending Kenya vs Ghana online feud.

All I can say is wueh!

Honestly, I don't know why people keep on picking fights with Kenyans or trying to diss us, our people have no repeatedly proven they have no chills. And shade is at an all-time high with this current weather.


In case you're not in the loop over what is going on, some Ghanaians on the video posting app took jabs at our beautiful country where they called us a poor country, and went on to insinuate that we are in a far worse state as compared to their country.

Tell me these people weren't just itching for a fight. The attack as expected didn't sit well with Kenyans who didn't hesitate to fire back. And that is how the current virtual battle of the brutes was birthed.

Kenyans responded guns blazing holding nothing back. Ghana's struggling economic state was dragged into the feud, their substandard transport system as well as their poor infrastructure and below zero creative industry.


Like guys tell me why someone said Ghana is just a low-budget Nigeria.

Ghana was referred to as a village in Kenya as Kenyans bragged over their celebrities who've gone international such as Lupita Nyong'o, Larry Madowo, and Eddie Gathenge.

It got so petty that Kenyans started bragging about the malls and supermarkets that we have as they made fun of Ghana for only having kiosks and roadside markets as well as schools.

But the winning point is when they started bragging about our president's impeccable style and well-tailored suits.

Ghana eventually had to tap out because if you think Riggy G's fashion sense was a disaster, then you should most definitely see their president.

Yet again, Kenyans have just proven that they hold the crown when it comes to war of words as our nation seems to home the biggest online defense forces.

Someone even asked President Ruto to recognize Kenya's online defense forces for their good work.

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