Hilarious KOT beg govt. to make Diwali a public holiday

Monday October 24 should be set aside as a Kenyan public holiday according to KOT

diwali ocotber 2022
diwali ocotber 2022

The love for public holidays amongst Kenyans cannot be underscored.

Just yesterday October 2oth, the country was marking Mashujaa day, and so the Kenyan Government gazetted it as a day for rest.

The next likely day KOT would like another is October 24, which is said to be Diwali.


Diwali is marked by the Hindu community, to celebrate the festival of lights.

KOT are urging the Government to also declare it a holiday. Many don't mind if there are countless days for relaxation.

Diwali is the biggest and holy festival of Hindus.


During this special time, millions of Indians around the world celebrate the festival of Diwali by exchanging gifts, lighting fireworks and eating festive meals and sweets. People also buy and wear new and colourful clothes, thoroughly clean their houses and decorate them with lights.

@__JasonMarshallI think our Kenya team has had 83 public holidays this year.

@EriqNyamweya·Its time that we let holidays that fall on Sunday be so, no pushing them to Monday. It costs the economy alot

@SwalehAnthony·lI know you won't believe this, but we are not done yet. We've just been warming up for December, when everyday is a holiday.

@ajowi_kenneth·Okay add these 3 still coming; Diwali festivals, Jamhuri day and boxing day. And if they fall on a Sunday... We celebrate on a Monday. Meza wembe sasa

@EveNikki2·We've had a Holiday Culture this year. It's sad that we don't have any holiday next month but we will compensate in December. Probably it's one thing we can be happy about this year. Looking forward to more next year

@ngash254·, welcome to the land of holidays. Monday should be diwi by the way if gazetted then its a holiday

@davidkiragu24·Wait till December 12th and you'll complain officially All the way yo January 3rd

@afrijob·Kenyan employees will never forget the year 2022. What can we say @__JasonMarshall , life is good! Another one is loading... for Monday, Dj Khalid tingz!

@Mungatiadavid·We are not yet done.20 more holidays before the year ends.

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