General Muhoozi brags over Kenyan's love for him

The Ugandan General bragged he could win an election in Kenya against President Ruto if he ran

Musevenis son Muhoozi brags about Kenyans love for him
Musevenis son Muhoozi brags about Kenyans love for him

Another day featuring new drama from President Museveni’s son General Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

In now a deleted tweet, the Uganda army General took to his favourite social media app (Twitter) to 'brag' over Kenyan's immense love for him.

Muhoozi maintained that in a Kenyan general election, he'd defeat President William Ruto in a landslide.

You honestly have to admire the delusional state this guy lives in and the inflated ego, it is comedic gold.

The president's son also brought up his past tweets where he had claimed he could capture Nairobi without breaking a sweat. Before further adding that both Nairobi and Kenya are his for the taking.

"Even in my dreams Nairobi is mine. My old neighbourhood in Westlands will be home. 

That city and country are mine. I can win any election in Kenya! The people love me,” Muhoozi's tweet read before it was taken down.

Or maybe he is a clout chaser and does these tweets to rile us up? He must adore the attention the same way a cat loves playing with yarn.

This is practically the third time the General is making public comments about invading our country.

 When he first made the remarks in October last year, his father President Museveni apologized on his behalf as he promised to have his son on a social media leash.

4 months ago Uganda's president Yoweri Museveni while speaking during an interview acknowledged that he had not been pleased by his son's tweets thus why Muhoozi and the blue app were getting sent to time out.

“He will leave Twitter. We have this discussion. Twitter is not a problem. The problem is what you are tweeting about. 

Talking about other countries and partisan politics of Uganda is something he should not do and he will not do it," the 78-year-old president revealed sternly. 

A warning his son seems to have completely disregarded. 

Kenyans are starting to get weary of Muhoozi's "jokes" seeing as he is set to succeed his father and one can't only joke about something serious and hurtful one too many times.

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