Spice Girls, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Harry Styles, Robbie Williams and John Elton

The King of the United Kingdom Charles III is set to have a coronation on 6th May where he will finally be crowned monarch alongside his wife Queen Consort Camilla.

Some of the most extraordinary artists have declined the opportunity to perform at the ceremony.

The Spice girls felt that the event was too soon for them to adequately prepare for it.

On the other hand, Adele did not give a reason as to why she could not perform at the event.  

John Elton and Harry Styles who were among the top picks for the coronation declined the invite due to their conflicting timelines. 

Both of the artists will be out on a tour during that period.

Robbie Williams also declined the offer because of his tight schedule, but he did not disclose what he would be deeply involved in at the time of the coronation.

An upcoming gig in Texas is the reason Ed Sheeran could not agree to the opportunity.

Although all these could be valid reasons why the artists cannot make it, some people can't help but think that there are other underlying issues to it.

For starters some of the scandals that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have allegedly claimed to have happened through their series "Harry & Meghan" and Harry's book "SPARE"

Little Mix's publicist explained that one would have to consider how it would like on the outside to perform for them, given that the royal family has been involved in a couple of disasters.

"The royal family has faced a number of PR disasters in recent times, and anyone performing at the show would have to consider whether there would be a backlash from appearing amongst their fans," the publicist Simon Jones shared in an article by Rolling Stone.  

Even though they are struggling to get A-list musicians to perform for the coronation, they were able to bag Lionel Richie the old-time fave and Andrew Lloyd among a few others. 

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