Arrow Bwoy sets relationship with Nadia straight

Two months ago Nadia had announced the two had broken up

The 'Dodo' singer has revealed he wants twins
Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy. The 'Dodo' singer has revealed he wants twins
Image: Instagram

Kenyan artist Arrow Bwoy has finally addressed claims of him and his fiancee Nadia Mukami breaking up.

2 months ago, Kai Wangu hit maker Nadia announced that she and the father of her child, Arrow Bwoy were no longer together.

In a post shared on her socials, Mukami confessed that they have not been together for some time.


She went on to ask promoters who were trying to book them as a couple to get in touch with them individually.

“Just to Clarify to the guys trying to book Arrow Bwoy and I. I have run out of of lies, we have not been together for a while, we broke up.

"Kindly contact individual management for bookings. One  Love,” Nadia Mukami.


Arrow Bwoy however, is rubbishing claims that the two ever separated.

In an interview with Kenyan online media Arrow Bwoy maintained that as far as he knows, Nadia is still his lover and the mother of his child.

"I have never given a statement and I have never left or been left by anyone first of all as far as know," said the "Digi Digi" hitmaker.

What led his fiancee to put out the statement then?

drop Kai Video
Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy drop Kai Video
Image: Instagram

According to Arrow Bwoy just like any other couple, they had had a disagreement... call it a huge fight if you may. The fight and a few other challenges were straining their relationship.

"Kitu iko kulikuwa kumeumana kidogo, tulikuwa tumekosana ile mbaya kama relationship zingine. Kila mtu hureact vidifferent, yeye hio time maybe alifeel it was the right time for her to maybe post."

He maintained that they were a young couple and sometimes things get heated, and in such moments it is only right to give each other space.

"Any relationship inakuanga na ups and downs. Kuna time mambo inachemka unaangalia mwenzako hivyo unaona kama ni kondoo fulani hivi. Tukaongea na bado tunazidi kuongea.

Saa hii mambo haijachemka kama hapo awali, pole pole tutaituliza. I've never given a statement.

Sijawahi achana na mtu yeyote. As far as I know, Nadia ni mama mtoto wangu na ni mpenzi wangu. So sijawahi toa statement nikisema tumeachana, na hio time ikifika hata hamtajua, yaani itakuwa tu." Arrow Bwoy said.

Just recently the artist revealed his desire to sire more kids, hopefully, twins.

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