As Easter fast approaches Eliud Wekesa popularly known as Yesu wa Tongaren or Bungoma Jesus is having sleepless nights.

Why you wonder? 

Because a section of his village people are planning on crucifying him as Jesus was crucified thousands of years ago.


Eliud gained fame after claiming to be the real Jesus.... yeah, Mary's son was born in a manger. He went on to claim that he has the power to perform miracles but his water turns into tea instead of wine.

I know how hilarious that is especially since he hails from Bungoma and the guy just like the Jesus of the Bible also has 12 disciples.

Having this all in mind, witty Kenyans are now calling for the self-proclaimed Jesus to live Christ's life to the end and are calling for his crucifixion since Eliud maintains he is the Christian Messiah.


After all, on the 3rd day after his death, Christ did rise from the dead.

You see, according to the Bible, Jesus Christ endured a lot of suffering when he was arrested by the Pharisees.

The Passion of Christ would culminate in his crucifixion, death, resurrection, and ascension to heaven.

Now a Facebook user who seems to have gained a lot of following Bungoma Jesus should have a turn at the cross since christening himself Jesus comes with repercussions.

Now, one online user has sensationally claimed that Jesus of Tongeren has expressed fear for his life as the Easter season approaches.

"Huyu Yesu wa Bungoma lazima tumsulubishe. Haezi jiita Yesu na hajateswa kama Yesu. Can't happen... Ama mnaona aje?" wrote the facebook user.

A section of netizens totally agreed with him with others even agreeing to fundraise to buy wood to build the cross as others volunteered to come with nails, whips, and hammers.

Shortly after, another social media user this time round from Tongeren took to his page to reveal that Bungoma residents had agreed to crucify the man reassuring him if he was who he claims to be then he should come back to life after 3 days and then head back to the pearly white gates.

“Yesu was Bungoma now claims his life is in danger, Easter is coming. This is after a section of residents of Bungoma were overheard saying he must be crucified during Easter the same way Jesus was crucified.

The residents have assured him that if he is truly the Messiah, he will resurrect on the third day and go to heaven after the crucifixion so he should not worry at all,” the netizen wrote.

The post drew comical and witty comments online with people doing the most and none sympathizing with Wekesa.

"Have the residents identified the two thieves yet? It has to be real you know,” said one user.

“Surely we must test his faith like the way Jesus Christ was tested,” someone else commented.

“We want to know the truth if he is the true messiah, hii mambo na porojo we don’t want,” yet another user quipped.

Eliud was born into a catholic household back in 1981 is the founder and leader of the New Jerusalem sect which is based in Lukhokwe village, Tongaren Constituency.

Members of the church are referred to as angels or prophets (ess) and are prohibited from using their official names.

The self-proclaimed Jesus dropped out of school while in Form One at Mukuyu Secondary School and he became a farmer.

He married at age 20 in 2001 and is a father of eight. When did he realize he was "Jesus"? By estimates sometime back in 2009.

Eliud got hit in the head during a family quarrel and was rushed to hospital, according to neighbours. It’s upon being discharged from hospital that he started preaching. 

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