Tyga and Avril Lavigne dating? Fans speculate

Avril Lavigne recently broke off her engagement with her fiancée Mod Sun

Avril Lavigne and Tyga hanging out amid her calling it quits with Fiancée Mod Sun
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It has barely been over a week since rock princess Avril Lavigne broke off her engagement with Fiancee Mod Sun and nettizens are already suspectcing American rapper Tyga might be in the middle of it all.

Rumours mills have been churning that Tyga and Avril are dating and the two are most certainly not doing anything to help silence the mills nor slow down the assumptions.

The two award winning celebrities were just recently spotted together in Paris attending a show and they looked pretty cosy.

Kind of hurts though that Paris is where Avril and her would have been husband and fellow artist Mod Sun got engaged in last year.

The pair both dressed in all black, literally from head to toe hit Leonardo DiCaprio's party at Kuku. They however did try to maintain a low profile but hey... western paparazzi isn't a joke.

Plus it is Tyga! Who isn't going to recognize the "One on One" hit maker while most of us literally watched him grow before our eyes as he joined the music scene when he was practically a teenager.

Now here is the fishy part... Although fans had been speculating a thing between the two A-list celebrities there was no hard evidence pointing to it.

However, now there might be. I mean there is always the off chance that they could be just friends but then flying out to Paris about a week after Avril called off her engagement with Mod Sun about a year after he proposed is quite fishy and a huge coincidence.

And some of us don't believe in coincidence.

I mean Avril and Mod had been on and off for several months before she called it quits so Tyga probably had nothing to do with their split.

However, prior to Avril calling off her engagement and endning this with Mod, Avril and Tyga were seen embracing in the parking lot at NOBU after a dinner out with friends.

It gets juicier.... The two later left in the same vehicle. I mean we could be reaching with our speculations but like I said, some coincidences are a little bit too much.

At the time when Avril made the decisoon to walk away, Mod Sun was on tour, promoting his "God Save the Teen" album.

Mod representative revealed that he was unaware things were over with Avril, but took to Instagram a few days later to write, "In 1 week my entire life completely changed…I just know there’s a plan for it all. I’ll keep my head up + always listen to my heart, even when it feels broken 💔."

With them now in Paris, it appears things are either heating up, or the friendship is getting tighter in the City of Love.

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