Diana Marua blasted after her attack on Andrew Kibe

Diana on Instagram claimed Kibe would have no career without her

Netizens drag Diana Marua after she attacked Andrew Kibe
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Diana Marua seems to have joined Chebe Ronoh's bandwagon as she is now calling out social critic Andrew Kibe.

Taking to her Instagram page the mother of 3 maintained she felt Kibe was poor and resentful and that is why he is always attacking her online.

Diana did not mince her words as she called out Kibe for being envious of her life... a move netizens do not seem to be 100% behind ironically.


"Andrew Kibe, why do you like to insult me? The way you are poor,"  Started off gospel artist Bahati's baby mama.

She went on to add how without her, Andrew Kibe would be nothing and that is why the former radio presenter always has her name in his mouth. Diana insisted that her name is the only thing giving the guy relevance in today's society.

"Just discovered that without mentioning Diana B! This man will have no Career! Issorait," added the YouTube content creator, a little too full of herself.


Netizens in turn started dragging Diana for bringing Kibe's social status into the diss, pointing out that most times poverty wasn't a choice thus people shouldn't be mocked for their lack of wealth.

After all situations change overnight.

Andrew Kibe.
Image: Instagram

Flocking the comment section Instagram users voiced how Diama Marua should have just dealt with Kibe as Kibe instead of bringing poverty into the equation noting that she was also not born with a silver spoon and just started making her wealth recently.

Others also pointed out that without clout Diana wouldn't have a name so she and Kibe are birds of the same feather.

Below are a few comments;

ms_nimoh: Maskini lakini wamefanya nini Diana. Poverty is NOT a choice…..Just deal na Kibe without dragging the poor. No one chooses to be poor mama.

official_njorawww: Anaitana aje maskini na ni juzi alisema "i had a guy for shopping fridge ilkuwa inajaa hadi haifungiki" hatujasahau buana😂😂

mshenziest: What is shosh saying..?😂😂😂 kwani shosh akona pesa gani isipokuwa kufuliza kabahanye pale

_i.am_amaya:Lakini si pia without clout Diana doesn't have a career? Ama namna gani Wakenya

gladyschepkiyok_rono: Masikini akipata matako hulia mbwata.Diana thinks by showimg off,makes her better than Kifeee

kelvinmbugua: Hapo kwa maskini is a NO…… you can also be poor

she_is.ci.cii: Usijione na hiyo pesa mbili ukabragia watu alaa.

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