DJ Fatxo.
Image: Instagram/DJ Fatxo.

Trending entertainer Dj Fatxo is fully cooperating with investigators into the death of Jeff Mwathi, his lawyer has said.

Fatxo was named as a person of interest by authorities, and his lawyer Charles Mugene said that the DJ-cum-musician always goes for the summons.

"My client is cooperating with the police in investigations. He has cooperated with the police in all the summons from the DCI over the matter that happened on Feb 22, and he is being given legal advice to fully cooperate every time with the investigating authority."

Jeff Mwathi died on February 22, at an apartment building where Fatxo lives. The matter was only highlighted on Wednesday, March 8.

This was the same day that the young man was being buried. Jeff's mother Ann Mwathi spoke in her home in Njoro in Nakuru County where she recalled how her son was a happy person.

She told of their conversations about their plans to reunite in Qatar where there were job opportunities.

"He used to make me so happy I would tell him to come and work here, it's not to help me but I want you to make money ujisaidie so that you can make money and live life."

The last video that Jeff Mwathi took in Dj Faxto's house shows us the group hanging out chatting and having fun.

Jeff turns the phone around to show us how the house looks. We see a well-furnished house and a kitchen in the background.

We see the Dj sitting on top of a couch talking while two ladies watch the TV. They also have bottles of alcohol and soda on the tables in front of them.

The phone to the deceased is now in the hands of DCI Kasarani. According to a report by Inooro TV, Jeff Mwathi 23, was contacted by DJ Fatxo for some interior decoration work in his shop.

The excited Jeff called his mother who lives in Qatar in voice notes shared online, to announce to the good news and also request some money.

Later he updates her about his movements including his nice outfit to meet Fatxo. He told his mother he will send her a picture together with Fatxo to show her how nicely he was dressed.

He also shows her a video inside The DJ's house where other people are invited to hang out in the house.

Kenyans have reacted to the death of the young man with questions about the events leading to Jeff's death plus Fatxo's possible role in the death.

Read some below:

Shazz Kirera Kez As I understand from this story, Dj fatxo left his house with the ladies.Then the two who men who were left are the ones who did everything.

leah These one is so painful if the government will not give us justice we will go to kitui ama Tanzania some pain pushes us to do unbelievable things

shii karimi🦋did I hear that Jeff alianguka the same place those men were standing?walikuwa wameshuka kutafuta the best place ya kumrusha, I think.

Wathiomo But still niko na idea....huyu faxo tuachane na yye Mungu atamwona Jeff is aready gone he will never be there again huyu faxo ......Mungu anamwona

user5182763881600 Aki mimi nawatch hii story naishiwa na nguvu nkiimagine nko na kijana ulee mtoto na mashida 23 years arafu watu wamuue ooh noooo 😭😭

Jackie001n Kwan hiyo CCTV hakurecord kitu igne isipokuwa hiyo wakiwa hao it's seem kuna vitu hazieleweki# justice for jeff

ele sonniah😍sasa mbn akamuachia watu hawajuani na akaenda na yy ndo alikuwa amemuita si angemruhusu arudi tu kwake if he had good intentions😢