DJ Fatxo.
Image: Instagram/DJ Fatxo

Police are trying to piece together events leading to the death of a young man named Jeff Mwathi, who died after being in the home of Kikuyu Dj Fatxo.

The man was said to have committed suicide but his family disputes this theory. Jeff Mwathi, was laid to rest Tuesday, March 7.

It is claimed that the young man jumped to his death on February 22, after a night out.

Jeff, Fatxo, and others were hanging out in various establishments before they left for the Kikuyu DJ's home.

They had several women in tow, as they entered Fatxo's Safari Park Estate apartment.

CCTV footage shows that in the wee hours of the morning, two men exited the apartment to the parking, where they seem to be looking around.

One of the men alleged to be the Dj's cousin was also seen making a call and then Jeff fell from the window. His body was reportedly found with his trousers past his knees.

According to more information, the apartment management frantically tried to find out what house the young man could have jumped from.