Eugene Mbugua with the Kyallo sisters
Image: Instagram

Betty Kyallo turned a year older yesterday.

During an interview with Media personality turned politician Felix Odiwuor alias Jalango, Betty talked about love and relationship, business, reality show, and how much they made .

Betty disclosed that they are currently working on Kyallo Kulture season 2.

Starting with love, the entrepreneur disclosed she has been dating for almost a year and she has been keeping her relationship private since this time she wants to do things differently and see how things turn out.

" I feel like this time I want to do things differently, I just want to date on the down-low till I decide to show the world by getting married," She said noting that this time if she walks down the aisle, it's going to be different " I don't think that I will do a big wedding this time since its only about two people."

Adding that love is real not a scam from how some people perceive it and she just wants her man to love her without cameras around.

Speaking of Kyallo Kulture, the mother of one said that their show ended and that she had an amazing experience revealing that the first season was received well with amazing feedback saying how contented she was and the growth her sisters got from the show.

" I feel like it was a great platform for me and my sisters since it gave them a chance to be known and people could know what their strengths are.

Regarding the amount of money they made, " tulitengeneza millioni kadhaa" She said, meaning that," we made several million."

Finally, they talked about business, when asked the reason why she has been moving her business from one location to another, the 34-year-old entrepreneur said that she likes new projects and that she likes giving her clients opportunities and amazing experiences adding that change is constant.

Noting that, " If I find a location not good for my clients, I don't have a problem moving adding that change is constant if you see something not working, you just need to move and start afresh."

She also said that the new location is an upgrade and she is so excited to start her new journey.

About The Real Housewives of Nairobi, she said that the show is too toxic and she wouldn't want to be cast. "

I wouldn't  want to be there since It's too toxic and I watched it even before it was aired." She also revealed that she is making a comeback to Youtube since she now has amazing content.