Image: Instagram/KRG

Karuga Kimani, also known as KRG The Don, is a Kenyan musician who is well-known for being a big spender on social media.

He is also a businessman and one of Kenya's richest artists. Despite the fact that he has been accused of money laundering, here are some facts about him that you may not have known:

1. He's half Indian


KRG's mother is Indian, and his father is Kikuyu. 

2. Born in Naivasha

He was born in Naivasha, where he also attended nursery school.


3. Brought up in Kisii

KRG attended primary school in Kisii after his parents relocated there.

4. KRG can fluently speak in Kisii.

Being born in Kisii forced him to interact with the Kisii people, where he learned the language.

5. He is the firstborn in his family.

6. He has four siblings.

KRG has four siblings, 2 sisters and 2 brothers.

7. He went to Kampala International School in Uganda 

For his high school studies, the artist went to Kampala International School. 

8. He started his first business in high school

In high school, he began lending money to his friends who would repay him with interest.

9. KRG once owned a club in Kisii

KRG once owned a club in Kisii called Carnivorous where he used to sell KEG to matatu drivers where he used to make KSh 20,000 per day.

10. He was once a DJ.

At the club Carnivorous, the artist learnt Deejaying skills.

11. He once owned a club in Uganda 

Together with his cousins, KRG once opened a club by the name Las Vegas in Uganda.

12. He knew how to drive at the age of 12 

13. He once had a pool table business in Donholm.

He later sold the business due to client theft, which resulted in losses.

14. He was one of the SGR contractors.

KRG the Don was one of the contractors of Standard Gauge Railways. He supplied sand and ballast.  He used to earn KSh1100 per tonne. 

15. KRG has ever owned a Taxi business

KRG started a taxi business back when taxis were uncommon where he used to earn 3000/- per trip, which was a flat rate. When Uber entered the Kenyan market, he closed his business because it no longer made sense.

Hotels also used to hire his cars.

16. KRG got his first child when he was 21 years old. 

Though he did not marry the mother of his first child.

17. His ex-wife, Linah Wanjiru, is 3 years older than him.

When they got married, she was 26 years old while he was 23.

18. He had his wedding at the Attorney General's office.

KRG never had a white wedding, he and his ex-wife, Linah Wanjiru officiated there marriage at the Attorney General's office.

19. He has three baby mama's 

20. He owns Fast Cash Music Record Label.