Thicky Sandra.
Image: Instagram/Thicky Sandra.

Former Nairobi governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko's daughter Sandra Mbuvi has lost her cute dog.

She has been calling herself a mother to her dogs and loves to share their special moments at home. Sadly, Sandra's dog died. She opened up about it on Thursday night with YouTuber Prince Newton.

Sandra is well aware that she trends about anything.


"I do think a dog is something that could really make me trend, but then my dog had cancer and we found out late. Dogs get cancer, it was the last stage for it and then it just died when we found out."

When they found out about the dog's medical condition, it was rushed to a vet to analyze its condition.

"It was admitted for two weeks and then that's when the doctors found out it had cancer."

She refused to disclose how much she spent on the hospitalized dog owing to going viral online.


"I'm not gonna say how much coz I'm gonna feel like I'm showing off."

Prince Newton tried to convince her but she refused, "I'm not gonna say the amount mtasema na brag sijui oh oh this oh sijui Sandra is," she insisted.

She only admitted that it is very expensive treating a dog for cancer. "I'm not gonna say the amount, I'm not that type of person," she continued.

Sandra also says plans for a reality show are in top gear.

"The plans are still ongoing good things take time yes, but me and my sisters and the rest of my family, we are still like planning it's either gonna be on KTN or something or our YouTube channel or Showmax, stuff like that."

She asked for patience, "We need to plan everything."

Sandra has promised appearances by her politician father, Mike Sonko, "It won't be so much he won't be there so much coz he has things to do, so yeah."

Also, Sandra says she is single and not searching, but if you think you want to shoot your shot, you need to make sure as a fella that you are six foot tall plus.