Sandra Mbuvi hints at plans to join politics

The revelation comes 5 months after making it clear that politics isn't her forte and she's never been interested

MIke Sonko's daughter to join politics soon
Image: Instagram

Mike Sonko's last-born daughter, Sandra Mbuvi has revealed that she has her eyes on politics and in due time might throw her hat in the ring.

Sandra made the revelation in a rather cryptic post where she uploaded a series of cute pictures of her and the former Nairobi Governor at a date night in a classy restaurant.

In the post, Sandra went on to gush over how she always follows in her father's footsteps very closely all while highlighting that the man is her role model and ultimately she wants to be like him in everything. 


A statement that could be interpreted to mean that she might try politics too. 

"In all the things I try to do, I want to do them just like you, I’m watching every move you make, and I’m trying to take each step you take," Sandra captioned the cute daddy-daughter moment. 

The beauty went on to add how she loves being in her father's presence as despite being young, he always fuels her confidence and makes her feel like she can accomplish just anything.

 "Even though I'm still your little girl, when I'm with you I feel ten feet tall, just like you," the last of her post read. 

Sonko responded to his daughter's Instagram post with a series of love emojis reassuring her of his undying love and support for her.

This comes as a surprise as the price size model has always distanced herself from politics.

Five months ago she had declared she had no aspirations or wishes to immerse herself in the political world at all.

During a Q&A session on her, Instagram stories Sonko's lastborn revealed she was more focused on being an entrepreneur than a politician.

After a fan inquired if either she or her sisters would be making a debut in their dad's career, Sandra highlighted that she was not interested in politics at all but her big sister Saumu Mbuvi had her eyes on the arena and would be joining soon.

She revealed she was working on launching her own business brand as she wanted to own a private jet by the time she was 30 years old.

But I guess, just as the Englishmen say; only a fool doesn't change his mind.

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