Sandra Mbuvi says she has paid rent for several people to debunk myths she is mean
Sandra Mbuvi Sandra Mbuvi says she has paid rent for several people to debunk myths she is mean
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Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko's daughter, Sandra Mbuvi said that she just doesn't date anyone. This mostly has to do with her famous father, plus her mother's advice.

The man also has to be of her social class. Her man has to be bad and bougie like her.

"A long time ago I used to date anyone, but let me say that got me embarrassed and used. Is she dating? "I'm taken, taken ya ukweli .I never post my relationships, just a hand. Coz if there is no ring on my finger, you think I'm gonna post you on the gram?"

What is she looking for in a man?

"Loyal, above 6ft, and a man who knows his worth."

How does she know a man is genuine?

"I feel its the way you commit, how you carry yourself, like the person I'm dating he is those posh kids, they come from a really good family, like a rich background, so like knowing your worth, like you don't have to lower your standards"

Sandra also opened up about her famous dad's parenting style.

Sandra reveals plans to own a private jet
Sandra Mbuvi Sandra reveals plans to own a private jet
Image: Instagram

In an interview with Prince Newton on his youtube channel, Sandra told he is a family man who is very involved with his children's lives,

"If I call him and say dad I need you he will be here in 30 minutes, he will come rushing.

I just love how he is always there no matter what. That's what makes the relationship stronger"

Their bond is so deep that Sandra revealed they go out on drives together.

"When I'm free most of the time we go for dinner, he taught me how to drive at a young age, like when I was 9 or 10, "

Sandra told Prince that people assume she lives off of her dad's money

"My dad is the one who taught me to hustle, I make my own money. I don't have to be like oh dad send me money oh I need pocket money No"

Sandra works for her own money through modeling. Her first contract ever was working with the Range Rover brand, which paid her handsomely for the contract.

"In total, we have four range rovers. They paid me well and that's when brands started approaching me"

Does her dad's political life affect her and her family? Sandra admitted it does, explaining that there are certain moves they don't make without consulting him

"Actually yeah imagine I could be like modeling for like a brand and stuff like that and a grown woman would come to my DM and be like oh unaringa and your dad has done this and that. And that's the thing I don't like about politics "

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