Milly waJesus lists crazy demands for free bridal services

Milly WaJesus to offer free bridesmaid service to virgin couples

Content creators Kabi and Milly wa Jesus
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator Milly WaJesus seems to be enjoying taunting people at this point following her recent posts.

The mother of 2 took to her Instagram page to reveal that she would be rethinking her bridesmaid's rates and would offer free services for couples who met her set conditions.

Milly shared a video on her stories which she captioned, "See caption for new wedding lineup rate card, mlijitetea sana."

In the said video the content creator documented her look from Akothee's wedding as well as sharing cute moments between her and her husband Kabi wa Jesus.

Captioning the video Milly went on to outline said conditions that couples have to meet so as to enjoy her bridesmaid services for free.

Some of the conditions include; you must be a virgin! Milly maintained that to offer free services both the groom and the bride must have never engaged in sexual intercourse.

Another set condition is the couple must be willing to fast with her for 21 days in the mountain, among others.

"Watu wamejitetea sana on my inbox & email kuhusu my wedding lineup rate card . Nimeamua kufanya for FREE... but only if the couple is willing to fast and pray for 21 days with me at the mountain & they should both be virgins." The first part of her post read.

Milly WaJesus's rate card.
Image: Instagram/Milly WaJesus

She went on to add, "You also have to book me at least 6 months in advance cause I will be busy praying with other couples. A marriage founded in God will stand the test of time 😍. #Ni Jesus."

3 days ago the content creator announced her new business plan... charging people who want her to be a bridesmaid in their wedding.

"After @akotheekenya wedding I now have a rate card for being in your lineup. I am getting so many inquiries on being on people’s lineup so please check the rates on the last slide and get in touch." Milly post read.

Per the post, to hire her for half the day it'll cost you Sh 360k, and for a full day of her presence is a million.

If you want her and Kabi as the best couple, you will part with sh 3 million, while to lineup as a couple just like at Akothee's wedding will cost you Sh2 million. They also charge sh.360k to attend the evening party.

And lastly because they are a couple who want to prove that marriage works, they will offer you free pre-marital classes.

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