Kabi WaJesus on the troubles Milly's rate card landed them in

Milly posted a rate card highlighting they charge up to 2 million to grace one's wedding

Kabi revealed Milly's rate card almost landed them in trouble
Kabi and Milly WaJesus at Akothee's wedding Kabi revealed Milly's rate card almost landed them in trouble
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator/ social media influencer Kabi wa Jesus has come out to rubbish claims that he and his wife were paid to be part of Akothee's wedding team.

Milly and her husband served as a bridesmaid and bridegroom at Akothee's lavish garden wedding which was held on Monday, April 10.

Shortly afterward his wife Milly WaJesus released a rate card letting people know the exuberant charges it costs to have her as a bridesmaid or just as part of your wedding lineup.

A move the father of 3 now claims landed them into a little bit of trouble with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) as they assumed they had been paid but were evading taxes.

Following this, Kabi is now making it clear that they did it out of goodwill as Akothee is their close friend maintaining that they received no amount of money whatsoever. 

"I'm still recovering from Akothee's beautiful wedding. It was a great honor to be in the squad and then I got a call from KRA because of @millywajesus' rate card," he said on Instagram.

The content creator went on to add, "To make things clear, we were not paid for Akothee's wedding. She is our personal friend. 

If we start getting paid, we have to pay taxes."

"Bridesmaid for hire! Mtafika bei 😂?" she began her message before adding, "after @akotheekenya wedding I now have a rate card for being in your lineup. I am getting so many inquiries on being on people’s lineup so please check the rates on the last slide and get in touch."

To hire her for half the day will cost you Sh 360k, and for a full day of her presence is a million.

If you want her and Kabi as the best couple, you will part with sh 3 million, while to lineup as a couple just like at Akothee's wedding will cost you Sh 2 million.

If you still think you can afford them, then they will also charge you for the evening party at sh360k.

But because they are a couple who want to prove that marriage works, they will offer you free pre-marital classes.

The booking should be done three months in advance.

In the price card, the mother of two hinted that she would do a lot in the wedding she was invited to for a certain price.

"As for me, I'm fun at weddings, I come with a party-loving husband, I dress well, I have my own glam team, a huge online presence and I'm a very good dancer," Milly wrote in the card.

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